“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle… when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.”

Dan Montano

The team

We are a team of dedicated individuals who care about our clients and candidates’ needs. We have 25 years recruitment experience across South Africa and Africa. Over the years we grew to being trusted advisors to our clients. Recruitment is a people business. Effective performance requires experience and instinct, competence and resolve. In order to provide solutions to our clients and candidates, we draw on our years of practical experience, market knowledge, and the ability to adapt our methods to your specific needs. 80% of repeat business from market leaders is a reflection of our service ability.

We build strong relationships with clients and candidates, and that leads to long term goals being achieved together. Following strict recruitment processes enables us to deliver as required. Quality is of critical importance, and to achieve the highest quality standards, we are committed to understanding your organization, industry, culture, management style and individual needs.

Our success lies in helping you to be successful. Our aim is to support your goals and business plans through sourcing the best of talent available, giving you the competitive edge.

Our areas of expertise are as follows:



Mechanical, electrical, electronic, chemical, civil, structural, metallurgy, mining, manufacturing, industrial, construction, foundry, design, project management, supply chain, automation, instrumentation, sales and marketing, environmental, geology, clinical engineering.



Executive management, general management, finance, HR, procurement, logistics, supply chain, sales and marketing, legal and office administration staff.

What people say about us

Mentor, Manager, Teamleader, Executive, Friend, Careermaker, Advisor. Kathrin (Alpha Epta) has many ways in which she touches the lives of those around her and each is carefully planned and faithfully executed. It is more than just passion, it is the main reason she breaths, the core of her soul. I have seen her do incredible work from the blue collar worker to the senior executive, each career is equally valuable to her as she does not just fill roles, but places individuals where they belong. Vice versa, she is an honest and caring advisory to her clients, making sure they grow their business with the life and lives they need. For me, Kathrin (Alpha Epta) was a mentor who pushed and pulled me, inspired me and showed me direction. She sees value and worth, that’s what sets her apart.

Jutta Villet

Solution Engineer

Pontoon Solutions

With superior attention to detail, Kathrin Trumpelmann (Alpha Epta) fully understands and encapsulates her customers’ needs. She is well informed about the current market climate, trends and developments regarding resources. As well as taking a special interest in her customers, she not only understands their current needs, but also the development of future potential needs. She always brings a new dimension to the table when discussing potential candidates. Her feedback is clear and precise and always on time, while continuously expediting the process with a solution offering at hand every time.

William Theron

Parts & Services Sourcing Manager | Europe

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology

I have been working with Kathrin (Alpha Epta) since 1994, she has placed me in senior management positions during my career in the manufacturing industry. Kathrin (Alpha Epta) has the ability to understand the cultural and technical fit between the candidate and the business. I worked with Kathrin (Alpha Epta) to recruit management and manufacturing expertise into my businesses and has always provided me with world class candidates in manufacturing facilities benchmarked as best in class. Kathrin (Alpha Epta) has a keen understanding of a manufacturing business, she has donned PPE and walked through the process on the floor to gain an understanding of the process and ensure the fit of the candidate. Kathrin (Alpha Epta) is a good partner to have to resource a world class manufacturing business.

Grant Ramsden

Managing Director

Weir Pump and Valve Solution

St Louis, USA